InVałbrzych is a municipal company owned by three cities: Jedlina-Zdrój, Głuszyca, and Wałbrzych. On behalf of our shareholders, we will mainly deal with the sale and promotion of real estate belonging to these municipalities.

We work with enterprises and companies. We are looking for investors willing to invest capital in these cities and we support local business. We welcome your cooperation.


The company’s goal is to meet the needs of the residents of Wałbrzych and the neighboring municipalities. We achieve this by creating the conditions for economic activation, particularly in reviving local markets and implementing projects related to supporting entrepreneurship, housing, and real estate management, as well as conducting other activities important for the development of the local government.


The company’s business is a broadly defined economic cooperation and services for investors and entrepreneurs. We promote Jedlin-Zdrój, Głuszyca, and Wałbrzych economically. We encourage you to invest and run companies and businesses in these three cities because we believe it’s worth it! We implement projects related to the construction of buildings, rentals, and the management of owned or leased real estate.