675/8, 675/10, 675/11, 675/12, Spacerowa Street. Invented name the whole area of investment "Magic Mountain"

Area: 2,8298 ha

Location: Jedlina-Zdrój

Investment plot in Jedlina-Zdrój, maximum size 2.8298 ha, possibility to enlarge by 1.0782 ha by adding directly adjacent plots.



Site name 675/8
Spacerowa Street. Invented name the whole area of investment “Magic MountainStreet. Invented name the whole area of investment “Magic Mountain”
Town / Commune Jedlina-Zdrój
District Wałbrzych
Province (Voivodship) dolnośląskie


Area of property

Max. area available (as one piece) [ha] 2,8298
The shape of the site Irregular
Possibility for expansion (short decription) The possibility of expansion of the surface 1,0782 ha


Property information

Approx. land price [PLN/m2] 
including 23% VAT
80 PLN/m2 +23% VAT
Owner(s) Community Jedlina-Zdrój
Valid zoning plan (Y/N) Valid zoning plan for areas located in the region Piastowska Street, Wałbrzyska Street and railway area in Jedlina-Zdrój, adopted a resolution No XXI/136 city council Jedlina-Zdrój of 2013.11.29. Plots are marked with symbols 2UZu/UT with the inscription service area spa treatment admission tourism services.
Zoning 㤠26. For areas marked with symbols
1UZu/UT and 2UZu/UT shall be determined:
1. Purpose:
1) service buildings and device spa treatment with admission tourist services,
2) device and equipment for sport and recreation,
3) landscape architecture, outbuildings and garages, parking, instalations greenery.
2. Parameters and indicators building development and land use in the event of implementation of the new building and rebuilding, development, superstructure of existing buildings:
1) line built according to the drawing plan
2) height: no more than 14 m
3) number of floors, no more than 4, including attic
4) the geometry of the roof: roof sloping angle from 20o to 45o with admission to the outbuilding and garage flat roof
5) biologically active area not less than 50% plot area
6) building area not more than 40% plot area
7) indicator of the intensity of building:
a) minimum: 0,20
b) maximum: 2,40
3.The permissible noise levels in the special regulations as for hospitals in the cities. “


Land specification

Soil class with area [ha] Bp – undeveloped urban areas
Differences in land level [m] 40,00 m
Present usage Unused plot
Soil and underground water
pollution (Y/N)
Underground water level [m] Less than 20 m below ground level and deeper
Were geological research done (Y/N) Y
Risk of flooding or land slide (Y/N) N
Underground obstacles (Y/N) N
Ground and overhead obstacles (Y/N) N
Ecological restrictions (Y/N) N
Buildings / other constructions on site (Y/N) N


Transport links

Access road to the plot (type and width of access road) To land leads asphalt road with a breadth 5-6m.
Restrictions – residential zone (up to 20 km / h.)
Nearest motorway / national road [km] Highway A2 – 280 km
Highway A4 – 60 km
National road number 35 – 25 km
Sea and river ports located up to 200 km Wrocław [76 km] Opole [146 km]
Railway line [km] Railway station Jedlina-Zdrój – 2km
Railway line Wałbrzych – Kłodzko
Railway sliding [km] Wałbrzych – 15 km
Nearest international airport [km] Wrocław [74 km]
Nearest province capital [km] Wrocław [76 km]


Existing infrastructure

Electricity (Y/N) N
Connection point (distance from boundary) [m] Electricity station R-249-32 at Północna Street, distance about 900m
Voltage [kV] 20/04kV
Available capacity [MW] 550kW
Gas (Y/N) Y
Connection point (distance from boundary) [m] about 50m
Calorific value [MJ/Nm3] 40,508MJ/Nm3
Pipe diameter [mm] 125 mm
Available capacity [Nm3/h]
Water supply (Y/N) Y
Connection point (distance from boundary) [m] about 50m
Available capacity [m3/24h]
Sewage discharge (Y/N) N
Connection point (distance from boundary) [m] plugging into the sanitary the sewage system
at Wałbrzyska Street, distance about 400m
Available capacity no data
Treatment plant (Y/N) Sewage discharged to the treatment plant in Jugowice
Telephone (Y/N) Y
Connection point (distance from boundary) [m] about 50m



Jedlina-Zdroj is a spa town, located in the southern part of Lower Silesia. The city is located on the foothills of the Sudeten within Walbrzyskie Mountains at an altitude of 400-800 m above the sea level. The city has 4747 inhabitants (as of 31.12.2015.). Unemployment in the city is approx. 18% and is higher than unemployment in the country. Jedlina-Zdroj area of 17.5 km2, of which 50.7% are forests and Mountain mixed forests. Forest complexes are also in the city center, parks and tourist woodland called: Spa Trail Tourism and Recreation, on the route which is located ski lift, year-round toboggan run, mineral waters, promenades, parks, viewpoints and recreational clearing.
Jedlina-Zdroj with Szczawno-Zdroj creates a company under the name of “Spas Szczawno-Jedlina.”
Spa buildings it’s a Spa house and institute of natural, three spa buildings including the cardiology hospital which at one time can stay 150 patients. Profile of treatment spas Jedlina-Zdroj includes: respiratory ailments, neurosis, early cardiac rehabilitation, degenerative changes of the spine and so-called: general condition. The undeniable advantage of the spa is a special microclimate: mountainous, as also as well as the silence and landscape values.
Existing values spa and tourism is a chance development for the city. The spa was for many years and continues to be the leading function Attractive and modern spa with a complementary role of tourism, sports and recreation seem to be the most important lines of action for the future of Jedlina-Zdroj.
Industry in the city plays a small role, largest production factory is a company belonging to the group LAPP INSULATORS engaged in the production of railway insulators and medium voltage.



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